Volume 29, Issue 2, 2021

What You Do Matters: Parental perceptions of the 6-week parent education program
Huisman, S.  Pages 7-31
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The relationship between perceived parenting practices and well-being among young adult females in Turkey
Wise, R. M., & Erbahar, A. Pages 32-55
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Therapeutic filmmaking, strategic psychotherapy and autism spectrum disorder: An integrated approach
Sabatino, A. C., Pastorino, G. M. G., Saladino, V., Fimiani, F., Petruccelli, F., Verrastro, V., Operto, F. F., & Coppola, G. Pages 56-89
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A psychological reading of autism spectrum disorders through the Wartegg-CWS
Di Renzo, M., Bianchi di Castelbianco, F., Crisi, A., Zaza, F., Marini, C., Racinaro, L., & Rea, M. Pages 90-110
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Young people’s path from critical motivation to prosocial behaviour: the mediating role of empathy and fairness
Assante, G. M., & Momanu, M. Pages 111-129
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The predictors of sharenting on Facebook by parents in Turkey
Ögel-Balaban, H. Pages 130-149
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Understanding and supporting mastery motivation in everyday activities: A focus on early childhood intervention
Liao, H. F., Józsa, K., Wang, P. J., Blasco, P. M., & Morgan, G. A. Pages 150-173
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Special issue
21st Workshop on Aggression, November 18-19, 2016 JPER - 2017, 25 (1a) Supplement