Volume 3, Issue 2, 2013

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Implications of learned helplessness in social problems and physical health
Marian, M. Pages 7-10

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Comparative early infant milestone development: Measuring babies and engaging parents, East and West
Dickinson, A. R. & Zheng, E. Pages 11-21 Download full article

Causal model of behaviour problems perception by the teenagers` families
Marcu, R. & Filimon, L. Pages 22-37
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Influence of a Romanian phytotherapic produce called „Antistres”, containing Ginseng, on anxiety and salivary Cortisol, in one exam of exams student session
Jurcău, R., Jurcău, I., & Colceriu, N. Pages 38-51

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Causal psychological factors involved in dental phobia
Mărginean, I. Pages 52-62

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Application and efficiency of Reality Therapy in clinical and educational context: A brief review
Mocan, D. Pages 63-69

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Modification of dysfunctional patterns by the means of counselling in the case of teenagers facing behaviour problems. The role of the family in maintaining the results
Marcu, R. Pages 70-99

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Special issue
21st Workshop on Aggression, November 18-19, 2016 JPER - 2017, 25 (1a) Supplement